First-time buyers are renovating in an ideal position to buy a house, decorate, and turn it around for a fat profit! Moreover, now is the time - the market is reading on the right ...

In a few years, the majority of Baby Boomers to a first-class real estate sector (like this) to move and many of them will be downsizing and looking for a modestly large house to buy.

They will be ready to have fun and not to renovate the energy or desire and decorate. You do not have youth on their side - but you will.

How many of you have not started a family, nor do you have time to fit into this about your job. It may even be better paid than your day job. Let's take a look at the numbers for Bellingham Real Estate in the last ten years.

Well, if you had taken this advice in July 2002, and bought a $ 100,000 home, it would be worth more than double its been today! Oh, do you think - I missed the train - but here's why this is not the case:

The largest population burst, we have witnessed the pressing of the retirement scene in 2011 - when the youngest of the so-called baby boomers will turn 65th Some of them have been lucky enough to retire early and have already bought villas Bodrum.

But this is a massive retirement in his early days yet. Coveted real estate areas already representing a 20% increase in sales between October and this October last year.

Well, if I do believe Let us look at some of the practical.

The least expensive house is a house with one bedroom, and this is an ideal size for a pair that downsizing is to sell again. Many seniors are on fixed incomes and do not want a big house because of domestic taxes, heating costs and gardening, which comes with a bigger house.

If you are trying to attract a retiree will pay particular attention to the noise factor. Not to buy near an airport, etc., near a nightclub in the racetrack gun training area

Remember, this house is an investment so resist the urge to indulge your creative flair and paint the bathroom lime green with purple trim.

All rooms and walls should have a neutral color scheme. This means white, with a cream or white with silver gray or white with a contrasting beige contrast. Keep your white bathrooms and your kitchen appliances and white.

Leave will be provided by a tiny backyard space, many seniors do not want to do gardening or mowing the lawn! But you can build a beautiful wooden deck, or lay paving slabs or crazy for their barbecue.

If you will keep costs down, add a couple of big pots with shrubs in. help you decorate the dining area and they can go with you when you move

A workshop or garden shed is a big plus on a smaller object, if you have good carpentry then you will get your investment money back if they sell the house several times.

Finally, add crazy paving paths or blocks. This is labor intensive forAn older, but easy for you. To ensure that your potential buyers to meet any social conscience, you can set up a clothesline in the vicinity of one of the paths.

A final word of caution, as the market rises, resist the temptation to hang on the summit.

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